V Solutions Global Delivery Mode

As businesses look to take advantage of the financial benefits of offshore development, V Solutions offers cost-effective solutions through its global software development services.

Our experience and industry analysis shows that standard offshore development is suitable for static, well-documented maintenance and evolution projects. However, today's complex enterprise software projects require shorter delivery cycles and constant project visibility, making traditional offshore methods insufficient

Our Global Delivery Model combines quality, risk management, and project visibility with frequent software releases crucial for complex enterprise projects.Our model leverages offshore resources and utilizes Distributed Agile - an agile approach tailored for distributed teams across time zones. This sets our model apartas a solution for enterprise projects.

Why choose VBIM (V Business Intelligence Model)?

A 2008 CIO survey by Gartner found that Business Intelligence (BI) is the top priority for CIOs. BI has the potential to greatly improve business performance and decision-making across all levels of an organization.

However, designing a successful BI enterprise can be challenging with the need to find the right balance of people, processes, and technology. VBIM helps organizations overcome this by creating an effective BI strategy based on business objectives and improving decision-making capabilities. The goal of VBIM is to make your organization an Intelligent Enterprise.

VBIM is a holistic approach that blends enterprise resources to provide a consistent and reliable source of information for BI. The business requirements and enterprise objectives drive the iterations.

VBIM helps organizations understand the factors affecting BI and teaches them how to design a successful strategy. VBIM starts by gathering and documenting the business objectives to form a BI vision for growth. It then works with key stakeholders to confirm the validity and prioritization of these objectives to ensure
a BI strategy aligned with the business and with stakeholder buy-in.